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Parish Code of Conduct

Volunteers, Staff and Clergy are required to read, agree to and sign the Parish Code of Conduct. You may submit a webform, OR download the form to sign it OR obtain a form from the parish office.

Safeguarding Children and Young People - Code of Conduct

This document was updated by the Parish Safeguarding Committee on 1 Feb 2022

For queries on any aspect of child protection: or call the parish on 9912 6870


I declare that I will uphold the child safe standards of St Dominic’s Parish, and commit to:


  • Keeping children and young people safe from abuse and harm

  • Ensure that physical contact is appropriate, non-intrusive and not sexual in nature.

  • Use respectful language and tone when communicating with children and young people, and refrain from using language that is sexual, discriminatory or racist in nature

  • Not engage in any form of child abuse including emotional, physical and sexual abuse or neglect.

  • Refrain from developing any relationships that might be seen as favouritism or amount to grooming.

  • Creating a physically and psychologically safe environment for children and young people

  • Ensure children and young people in my care are appropriately supervised at all times.

  • Ensure an adult is never alone with a child or young person: at least two adults must be present.

  • Refrain from taking photos or video of children and young people without parental or guardian consent, and remove photos from any personal device immediately after their use has been finalised.

  • Use social media and digital communication in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Act to remove and/or minimise any physical risks.

  • Refrain from the consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs in front of children and young people (unless at an event for which the Parish Pastoral Council has approved the consumption of alcohol.)

  • Not supply alcohol or drugs to children and young people.

  • Immediately notify the Parish Priest if charged with or convicted of a criminal offence Supporting cultural safety and inclusion

  • Promote the safety, participation and empowerment of children and young people.

  • Support the inclusion of all children and young people, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.

  • Promoting respectful relationships

  • Engage in positive interactions that uphold the rights and dignity of children and young people.

  • Listen to and respect the views of children and young people Taking action to safeguard children and young people

  • Listen and respond supportively to concerns children and young people might have about their safety.

  • Call police on 000 if a child is in danger or a crime has been committed, and report any other child safety concerns, reports or disclosures to relevant authorities, as set out in the St Dominic’s Parish Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy - see



I agree to abide by this Code of Conduct when engaged with children and young people in St Dominic’s Parish. I understand that if I breach the code the Parish may have to inform civil and Church authorities.

Thanks for submitting!

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