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Almighty God,
with gratitude and praise to you,
we celebrate the centenary of St Dominic’s Parish
and ask for your blessing.
May the power and mercy of your Son

renew us in holiness
to grow together towards you.
Inspire us with holy worship,
strengthen us in our fellowship,
and renew us in loving service of you and our neighbour,
so that in us and through us,
all may know and glorify you.
Through Christ our Lord.


Parish Priests 1924 - 


Fr Stanislaus Hogan, OP          1924-28

Fr Constantius Gallagher, OP  1928-32

Fr Bertrand Curran,OP            1932-43

Fr Alphonsus O’Reilly, OP       1943-46

Fr Ambrose Crofts, OP            1946-48

1952 Fr Walter O’Brien,  OP     1948-54

Fr Dominic Fitzmaurice, OP   1954-60

Fr Antoninus Costello, OP       1960-69

Fr Kevin Condon, OP                1969-72

Fr Stephen Tarrant, OP            1972-75

Fr Nick Punch, OP                     1975-81

Fr Bernard Maxwell, OP           1982-85

Fr Joe Wilson, OP                       1985-88

Fr Kevin Condon, OP                1989-99 

Fr Anthony Murnane, OP         2000-04

Fr Alex Vickers, OP                    2005-07

Fr Paul Rankin, OP                    2008-14

Fr Toan Nguyen, OP                  2018-2023

Fr Paul Rowse, OP                     2023 -

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