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Who to contact

Any queries, comments, suggestions etc about making our parish as safe as possible for children, young people and all who might be vulnerable would be welcomed.  You should feel free to contact any of:

  • our parish Child Safety Contact Person, Denis Fitzgerald

tel 0418 136 372

  • our Parish Priest Fr Paul

tel 0468 584 309

  • our Parish Secretary

tel 0468 584 309


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The Archdiocese's Child-safety related misconduct and/or child abuse report form can be accessed here.

Pathways: Restorative Journeying with Survivors of Abuse within the Catholic Church

Commencing in 2022, Pathways Victoria offers a consistent statewide model to respond to disclosures of Catholic Church abuse in Victoria replacing Towards Healing and the Melbourne Response. The model is based on the National Response Protocols which you can find more information about by following this link.

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