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Christmas Concert

On Gaudete Sunday, that welcome break in the penitential season of Advent, Australian Digital Concert Hall brought the Melbourne Octet to St Dominic's for our first Christmas concert. The Melbourne Octet gave us a foray into Christmas both as long-awaited mystery and joyous celebration with a magnificent repertoire.

Special guests at the Christmas Concert included Dr Monique Ryan, the Federal Member for Kooyong, and for the finale the choir of St Dominic's Primary School. Our Parish Organist, Bryan Barwood, accompanied the children and congregation for Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

Our sincere thanks are offered to all those who brought our community together for this great occasion. Thanks to Australian Digital Concert Hall for bringing a Christmas concert to St Dominic's, to the Melbourne Octet for their outstanding performance, to St Dominic's School Choir for their beautiful singing, and to Parish Organist, Bryan Barwood. The Holy Spirit fell gently upon us as we listened to the beauty of sacred music.

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