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THE BIG SING - 18th November

Joyful sounds rang throughout our church last Saturday afternoon. Some forty people made their way into the choir area to sing out hymns new and old. Among them were parishioners and their friends, and a few from the communities of our local ecumenical partners. As one of them said, “Singing hymns is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.” Another remarked that he teared up during the last verse of the finale, “All Creatures of our God and King”.

The Big Sing is an initiative of our Music Planning Ministry, intended to familiarise us with great liturgical music in a relaxed setting. Our new hymn books, Catholic Worship Book 2, are a great resource for the familiar tunes and new compositions they contain. Slowly and carefully, our skilled and gifted musicians are introducing them to us, so that we have a rich variety of music suited to the sacred liturgy. As St Augustine once said: “Words cannot express the things that are sung by the heart” (On Psalm 32).

Our thanks go to Dr Anthony Halliday, who was as generous with his remarkable talent as he is enthusiastic about The Big Sing. He said: “I hope this initiative is taken up by every parish.” Thanks also are extended to Anna and Jerome Deakin, who did so much work preparing the list of hymns for singing; thanks to them and all our volunteers too for the splendid afternoon tea.

The Big Sing returns in March to prepare us for Holy Week and Easter.

-- Fr Paul Rowse, OP | Parish Priest

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