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St Dominic’s Parish holds the care, safety and wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults as a fundamental responsibility. This page provides links and information relating to our commitment as a parish to be a safe place for all. For translations of these materials, please follow this link

Safeguarding Committee


Our Safeguarding Committee is appointed by the Parish Priest and Parish Pastoral Council, to ensure that the safety of children and young people is embedded across the parish, and that all compliance requirements are met.  Click here for the terms of reference of the Committee.

The Committee was formed in August 2020.  Membership of the Committee comprises (at April 2023):

  • Denis Fitzgerald, parishioner, Chair

  • Fr Paul Rowse OP PP

  • Carlo David, Pastoral Associate

  • Natalie Kenny, Principal of St Dominic’s School ​

  • Jacob Wilson, youth volunteer

  • Br Kolbe Garcia, OP

  • Helena Daukes, Parish Secretary

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