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Welcome to St Dominic's Parish

Welcome from Father Paul

Welcome to St Dominic’s, the Catholic Parish of Camberwell East!  We are so pleased that you have found your way to us on-line and look forward to having you join us in every way in-person.  St Dominic’s is celebrating its centenary this year, which is a tribute to the dedicated parishioners and divers Dominicans who have built up the Church in this part of Melbourne.  We hope to continue their legacy of Catholic worship and charitable service in this place so that all may know the truth of Jesus Christ.

Many Catholics have made St Dominic’s their home.  Visitors to the Church will be able to appreciate William Patrick Connolly’s elegant design and Henry Clarke’s magnificent windows.  Finally completed in 1958 and consecrated in 1960, St Dominic’s Church has been described as “a defiant finale to the Gothic Revival in Australia”.  Even more importantly, St Dominic’s Church is a sign of eternal hope and an oasis of abiding peace in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

We are so proud of our Parish School, which celebrates its own centenary in 2025.  Students are often to be seen with their families taking part in our common liturgical life and service opportunities.  The Dominican Sisters, whose own centenary in Camberwell is in 2026, provided teachers for many years and make a valuable contribution even now.  The Parish has been served by Dominican friars from the beginning.


Please know you are in my daily prayers; do keep us and our mission in yours!

God bless you,

Father Paul

Parish Priest

St Dominic's Church

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Mass Times

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Faith in Action

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Sacramental Program

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Liturgical Ministries

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Social Groups

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​Children and young people are welcome at St Dominic's, where we hold their care, safety and well-being as a central and fundamental responsibility. This commitment is inherent in the saving mission of Jesus - love, justice and the sanctity of each human person are at the heart of the Gospel.

See our Child Safety webpage for details of our commitment and our safeguarding program, including reporting of concerns.

Your feedback or comments about any aspect of child safety are welcome:

Denis Fitzgerald, Safeguarding Chair -

or the Parish Priest, Fr Paul Rowse -

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